Arctic Circle Tour

Arctic Circle Tour is a new tour from Polar Tours that take you through Bodø, Salten and Helgeland.
The tour has a lot og excursions by the coast line and at the inland.

As the name of the tour says; Arctic Circle Tour, we will pass the point of the Arctic Circle, not one but two times.
When we goes south we pass the Arctic Circle at the coast and when we return we pass it at the mountain.

2017-12-1915:57 Admin

This tour gives you Salten, Helgeland and Lofoten and will off cource have a lot off experience to show you these days.

Old historical buildings, animals, nature excurstions and good food and accomanddation, make this to the perfect tour.

More information or booking, contact us: phone +47 755 63000 or send e-mail to post@polartours.no