Arctic Light

On the trip we will experience both the National Park Center on Storjord, Sami life and culture, as well as experience
The Arctic Light and the Arctic Circle.

Sami Culture at The Arctic Circle
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On this tour from Bodø there will be guided through the nature and the history we pass.
There will alsobe an introduction to the phenomenon of the Northern Lights before we arrive at Saltfjellet and the Sami there we will also see movie s on the bus about it Sami culture in Nordland.

The tour goes over Saltfjellet to the point of the Arctic Circle where it will be an ceremony. Polar Circel Certificate will be given to every passenger for passing the Arctic Circle.

Then we return to Norland nasjonalpark Center at Storjord for lunch in form og Sami Bidos. Here will we also hear more about the Sami culture and Norwegian nature.

Duration for this tour: 7 hours.