Cruise Mo i Rana

Mo i Rana is Northern Norway's third largest city and lies just below the Arctic Circle.
The city, which is built around the mining and steel industry, has also seen an increase in tourism in recent years, and in this way Mo i Rana Havn, in cooperation with Polar Tours, has started a cruise initiative.

The year round you can call Mo i Rana.

2017-12-2109:58 Admin

The goal of launching Mo i Rana as a cruise port has come from the fact that the increasing tourism in the north also comes via the cruise boats.
Since most of our neighboring ports south and north of Mo i Rana are located completely on the coast, we now launch Mo i Rana as a new and inland port.
But in Rana, 26,000 inhabitants are located 7 miles south of the Polar Circle, with their location with proximity to both the sea and the mountain is a unique location to offer both good summer and winter excursions.

Today, the ports of Mo i Rana are among the most trafficy, but with ships that are scraping or catching steel that comes from or is going out in the world.

Since Mo i Rana Harbor has good knowledge of ship handling and we have a selection of excursions that other ports do not have, we therefore see the possibility of offering Mo i Rana as an attractive new cruise port along the northern coast of Norway.
Polar Tours has in Mo in Rana role as the local DMC and coordinates activities, buses and guides.

We also offer local dispatch for the calls in Mo i Rana.

For more information about the cruise in Mo i Rana, contact Polar Tours on tel. +47 755 63000 or post@polartours.no

For port technical questions Mo i Rana port on tel. + 47 913 13693,
Øystein Lorentzen or oystein@moiranahavn.no