Incoming Nordland

Polar Tours has through the last years mostly worked to make products for incoming tourism to Bodø.
To choose Bodø as hub you can have experience in the whole Arctic Europe.
We have tours and experiences for individuals and groups.
From half day to tours for a week.

Incoming Nordland
12/19/173:35 PM Admin

With Bodø as incoming point, you have a lot of possibilities to experiences in the area around Bodø, Salten, Helgeland or Lofoten.
You also can enjoy us for one of our own tours and visit the whole area Arctic Europe.

Polar Tours has also for many years been hired as coach company for operators that visit Arctic Europe and for some of these we just operate coach and for others we produce packed tours.

Polar Tours tailor most of the package deals for most so that you will be able to experience the most interest in your trip.